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Financing Education Abroad

Financing a study abroad program may seem daunting but if you start early, apply for financial aid, apply for scholarships after you have determined all estimated costs for your abroad program you will have more success when it comes time to funding your program.

Step 1:   COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING BUDGET BUILDER.  This will create a clear picture of the cost of your program from start to finish:

        Estimated Education Abroad Expenses:
Application fee $
Deposit $
Tuition $
Room $
Board $
Insurance $
Transportation (airfare, bus, train, in-country) $
Books & Supplies $
Personal expenses $
Passport fee $
Visa fee $
Immunizations $
Other $


The financial aid application is part of your on-line application.   Make a copy of the form and then make an appointment with Shannon Ackeret at in order to complete the form together.  Federal financial aid is available to all Carroll program for those who qualify.   Merit aid applies to Carroll College exchange programs only.

Step 3: